About Kamlesh More

Mr. Kamlesh More, is a Communication Skills Trainer, Life Skill Coach & Motivational Speaker.
He has trained 25,000+ Working Professionals & Students from Engineering, Medical & Research, Education, Management, Administration, Account, Law, Banking & IT industries successfully to achieve their dreams and goals.

He is on a mission to train 1,00,000 people to skyrocket their careers and business in their lives.

He is the founder of Swarankuram Academy where he is providing result-oriented training programs, workshops, and courses for different platforms like the 5-Day English Grammar Mastery Bootcamp, The 4-Week English Grammar Mastery Challenge, and different Corporate Training Programmes.

He has learned amazing life lessons based on experiences from his graduation in engineering from the University of Pune. He has proven himself in the field of engineering, but somewhere he was not much interested in the engineering field.

He found his treasure and genuine interest in English, and then he started developing his entrepreneurial skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

After realizing his innate qualities and abilities to speak, motivate and train people, He found his genuine passion which is the most satisfying thing of his career so far.
He wants to make result-oriented and positive changes in every single person he trains in his life. His focus is to develop an individual in such a way that, this individual growth will transform the nation in different aspects of the world.

Keep Learning…! Keep Growing…!